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PPP 2.0 

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ppp 2.0

Corporate Strategies is making PPP 2.0 loan fundings simple. Our online portal makes loan applications and forgiveness easy, while keeping you informed along the way. Don't miss your opportunity - APPLY TODAY!

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About corporate strategies


Since 1984, Corporate Strategies has successfully funded small and medium size businesses that have been previously rejected by the regulated banking community. We arrange corporate debt, SBA PPP2 Second Draw Loans, project funding, real estate debt, receivables funding and litigation financing for meritorious cases.


Corporate Strategies provides our clients added value as experienced crisis managers, 

  completing complex transactions that absolutely, positively have to get done. 


Asset Acquisitions

Corporate Strategies is an active acquirer of business, bank and investor owned assets, particularly during economic downturns. 


We improve the performance of assets and operations purchased and subsequently sell them as market conditions warrant.

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strategic services

Corporate Strategies relentlessly pursues successful financial outcomes for small to medium size businesses, banks, hedge funds, private investor groups, and alternative lenders. Let us go to work for you.




We understand that credibility is built on a strong track record. Trust is earned. At the end of the day, our successful outcomes speak for themselves, whether generated in a pandemic, or during normal economic times. 

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