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Corporate Strategies

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Founded in 1984, Corporate Strategies team is a dedicated group of problem solvers for our clients financing needs. We create unique methods of buying, selling and financing real estate, equipment, receivables and other corporate assets.


Corporate Strategies' reputation for successfully closing $2,500,000 - $25,000,000 complex real estate and asset-based transactions continues today.

Call us now at 713.621.2737 or email to create a funding solution for your commercial real estate or business asset transaction that absolutely, positively must get done.

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Employee Retention Credit Tax refund qualification program



The Employee Retention Credit Tax Refund (ERC) authorized under the CARES ACT is a unique, time sensitive funding opportunity for businesses, Churches and non-profits. ERC Tax Refunds reward qualified employers who kept employees on payroll during the COVID crisis.





In partnership with select tax accounting professionals, we are determining eligibility for businesses, churches and other non profit clients filing ERC Tax Refunds. Our clients have filed and/or received Tax Refunds of $70,000 up to $2,880,000.






Our compensation is contingent upon client qualification and filing of an ERC Tax Refund.

No refund = No cost 

Is your Church, business, or non profit interested? Contact us today!

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real estate asset acquisitions and development

For 38 years, Corporate Strategies has been an active acquirer and developer of commercial real estate assets, bank special assets and investor owned assets. As principals and advisors, we continue to acquire and improve the performance of real estate portfolios, developing and selling them as market conditions warrant. 


Client Testimonials

"Corporate Strategies and its accounting professionals did an excellent job of evaluating and qualifying St. Paul's United Methodist Church for our Employee Retention Tax Credit Refund."

Veronica Pearce, CFO -
St. Paul's United Methodist Church Houston

"Corporate Strategies and their ERC accounting expert did an excellent job qualifying us for an Employee Retention Credit Tax Refund. They were prompt and thorough —I highly recommend them."

Jerrold Imel, Owner - 
Top O Texas Oilfield Services LTD

"Tim - we wanted you to know how happy we were with the work done by Corporate Strategies assisting us with completing our ERC Tax Refund."  

Todd Faust, President - 
Platinum Pipeline Services, LLC