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  mission is the relentless pursuit

of successful financial outcomes

         for our Clients  

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Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers consists of a team of senior  business leaders, financial experts and operational managers experienced in maximizing client business growth and delivering the urgent funding necessary to support that growth.


We  resolve  operational funding requirements in crisis situations, and if litigation is necessary, source non recourse  litigation financing from numerous funds for meritorious cases against larger companies with superior financial resources.


We  produce  financially successful outcomes  for   difficult  problems on a daily basis--and may even fund what other bankers call  impossible problems.


Corporate Strategies delivers:


  • Growth funding at competitive  rates,  

  • Financing for non-bankable businesses with recent losses, from   private funds  that specialize  in funding real estate, assets and receivables 

  • Strategic plans to accelerate  the sale, merger  or public offering of your business

  • Qualified  buyers and outside financing for  owners who have determined a need for an immediate exit strategy

  • Restructured bank debt for distressed borrowers and  arranging bank loan refinancing  funded by non regulated alternative lending resources

  • Analysis, planning and execution  of non-judicial restructuring and funding plans for  public and private companies

Strategies, LLC





For over 30 years, Corporate Strategies has created successful financial outcomes out of business crises, litigation resolution and  growth opportunities for a broad portfolio businesses.

Our clients have included small to medium size businesses, law firms, banks, oil & gas producers, hedge funds, family offices, insurance companies, investor groups, private equity funds and capital providers from banking and non regulated private banking sources for the special financing requirements of our clients. 


Examples of previous successful outcomes range from a Texas based bank holding company with significant troubled assets in energy and real estate ... to successful turnarounds and the sale of businesses for private owners, public companies, hedge funds and private equity investor groups. 






We act as principal or consultant in analyzing, restructuring, recapitalizing, buying  and selling energy related  assets. We also  fulfill the financing  requirements for viable companies who no longer qualify for traditional banking finance and who need to refinance their bank debt.


We can deliver mid stream and downstream energy non-bank loan refinancing by :


  • designing and executing the non-judicial restructuring of the bank or investor debt to preserve viability of energy services  operations and then completing a refinance with a non regulated fund with less stringent income and net worth requirements than banks


  • implementing the technology, organizational management and implementation of systems and controls for energy operations to improve efficiency and financial performance


  • preserving or increasing  operating margins  to minimize or eliminate operating losses and creating profitable long term value



Our Corporate Strategies  team  has deep expertise in both regulated and non regulated financial markets and successfully completed private and public equity/debt/lease fundings and SEC, FDIC, OCC, and GAAP auditor compliant transactions for over thirty years, and we can deliver a successful solution for you.



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