About Corporate Strategies, LLC 

 Tim Connolly
 Founder and CEO

Call Corporate Strategies at 713.621.2737 or email us at Tim@CSBankers.com


Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers provides small to medium size businesses with immediate access to traditional bank funding relationships, as well as ready access to non-traditional lenders with more flexible income and loan requirements than the heavily regulated banking community.


We focus on securing  $5,000,000 to $25,000,000 loans urgently needed for the acquisition or refinancing of business assets , real estate, mid-stream and downstream energy assets and/or energy related service providers. Our primary mission is to solve difficult funding problems for our clients every day; in select  cases, we can solve what other bankers believe is the impossible funding problem.


Call Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers now to explore the funding alternatives available   for your  urgent business opportunities at 713.621.2737 or email Tim@csbankers.com.