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The Employee Retention Tax Refund Qualification Program

Get rewarded for keeping employees on payroll through the pandemic

What is
the ERC Tax Refund Qualification Program?

The Employee Retention Tax Refund Program was created by the CARES Act as a way to reward employers who kept employees on payroll during the pandemic. If your company qualified for PPP or PPP2, you will likely qualify. Even if you did not qualify for a PPP or PPP2, you may still qualify for a refund. Contact us today to find out how. 

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Get started by downloading the PDF of our qualification questionnaire below. Please email the completed form to

Why Us?

Our clients have already qualified for millions in ERC tax refunds ranging from $70,000‐‐$2,900,000. Qualified Tax Accounting Professionals will determine your tax refund eligibility on a contingency basis, with no payment obligation whatsoever until we determine exactly how much your refund may be. 


Call 713.621.2737 for more information or email to determine if you qualify.