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Churches and Religious Organizations CAN receive Employee Retention Credit Tax Refunds 

Our Clients have qualified for ERC Tax Refunds from $70,000 to $2,900,000


How much can your Church qualify for?

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Churches, Religious Organizations & Other Non-Profits

Corporate Strategies' clients have already qualified for and received millions in ERC Tax Refunds ranging from $70,000‐‐$2,900,000, including clients who were previously told they didn't qualify for tax refunds.

Apply for your ERC Tax Refund now. Contact Corporate Strategies today at 713-621-2737 or email 

How does the ERC Tax Refund Qualification Program work?

The Employee Retention Tax Refund Program was created by the CARES ACT to reward employers who kept employees on payroll during the pandemic. 

Our ERC Tax Refund Accounting Professionals will meticulously determine your tax refund eligibility amount on a contingency basis. There is no payment obligation until your refund amount is known and your amended tax return has been filed. 


Call 713.621.2737 for more information or email to determine how you qualify.

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