Examples of Successful Outcomes from our Portfolio:
         In a prior energy downturn, a bank holding company based in Texas was faced with a large number of foreclosed energy and real estate assets, with minimal in-house management resources to manage or operate these assets.  Corporate Strategies researched the various bank skill sets, and found that many banks had a preference for certain types of asset classes that fit their management profile.  We negotiated multi-million dollar exchanges as well as outright sales of bank owned assets among banks and private equity investor groups.  Each party received assets they were more comfortable managing, and the banks improved their long-term ability to add asset value and to sell their special asset  portfolios at greater realized prices at a future date as markets recovered.


gies has created successful outcomes for a broad portfolio of companies and clients including both public pri

At Corporate Strategies and Texas Gulf Oil & Gas, we are problem solvers.  We have created successful outcomes for a portfolio of law firms, banks, investors and companies both public and private. These have included private equity firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, shareholder groups and litigation capital providers who required our immediate attention on critical issues and achieved timely, successful outcomes. capital providers. 

Successful Outcomes

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     Our client had a multi million dollar investment in a Canadian vitamin and protein manufacturer. Unknown to the investor, the company was placed into an involuntary receivership in Canada, jeopardizing our client's entire investment.  Corporate Strategies successfully negotiated the Canadian Court's receivership claims for 50 cents on the dollar, increased the company's revenues by 60 per cent over 18 months, preserved the client's investment and enhanced the company's future value.


  A Corporate Strategies technology client became publicly traded and completed a substantial  convertible bond financing with a Connecticut-based hedge fund. The fund agreed to a one year stock lock up, prohibiting stock sales and no shorting of any kind. Suddenly, stock volumes rose and share price plummeted from massive sales occurring out of a Canadian brokerage firm, damaging shareholder values and jeopardizing other prospective investments in the company. 


Our research indicated the hedge fund was shorting the stock from an account in Canada. After we obtained written proof of the short sales from the Canadian brokerage firm, the hedge fund was forced to "buy in" common stock from the public market in an amount equal to those shares shorted in violation of their contractual lock up provisions. Our client's stock stabilized and appreciated in value once the shorted shares were covered by the open market purchases.



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A Florida based restaurant chain had received signficant capital funding from our client and was no longer a viable enterprise.  Our client wished to avoid the time, expense and uncertain outcome of the bankruptcy process.  Corporate Strategies successfully negotiated the payoff of all creditors at 10 to 15 cents on the dollar, saving our client legal and court costs of many times the total cost of the settlement. This is an excellent example of a succesful outcome defined by minimizing losses from a troubled investment.

A Vermont based, 40 year old US Department of Defense contractor- manufacturer of electronics for the defense industry was burdened with excessive costs and continuing negative cash flow.  Over a 24 month period, Corporate Strategies re-engineered manufacturing processes, lowered costs and accelerated deliveries.  The company was subsequently acquired by one of its competitors in a transaction arranged by Corporate Strategies.

      A Texas energy and real estate investment firm faced significant, multi million dollar losses from investor claims against their firm.  These claims were due to malpractice committed by outside professionals previously serving the investment firm who were  inadequately researching and evaluating  opinions issued  on its transactions.  Two days after courtroom testimony provided by Corporate Strategies Founder and CEO Tim Connolly, the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client and the case was settled that same day for $10,000,000.

Corporate Strategies' subsidiary, Texas Gulf Oil & Gas, Inc.  www.TexasGulfOil.com, recently acquired a non-producing lease whose previous production had completely ceased due to the financial problems of the prior operator.  Texas Gulf took over the lease, re-entered and re-completed the oil wells and rejuvenated the production of oil.  Sixty days after its acquisition, even in the currently depressed market, Texas Gulf Oil & Gas sold the lease to another operator for a profit in excess of 200% return on our investment.