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  • Sean Connolly

Two - 150 Person Modular Living Quarters for Sale, Never Occupied, Completed and Ready for Delivery

· Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers is offering two 150 Person Modular Living Quarters for sale or available for one year lease.

· One set of quarters is complete, ready for occupancy and immediate shipping from Baytown, Texas

· The second set of Living Quarters may be completed and delivered in 60 days or less

· These quarters were constructed for an international oil company to exacting standards designed for offshore platforms but are suitable for onshore use immediately and have never been previously occupied

· Living Quarters include galley, medic office, 50-person commercial galley/cafeteria, media rooms, office space, conference room and laundry facility

· Optional Rooftop Helideck available

· A completed single set of the Living Quarters is priced at $3,500,000 w/ 3 options:

· Option 1- Purchase one 150 person completed Living Quarters for $3,500,000.00 cash

· Option 2 - Purchase both sets of Living Quarters for $6,000,000.00 cash

· Option 3 - Lease entire set of Living Quarters for $65/person for 150 occupants per day for a minimum of 365 days

· Rental for 150 occupants payable each month in advance and a two-month payment payable in advance as security/damage deposit.

· Transportation and installation cost is included for locations up to 500 miles from Baytown, Texas

Contact Tim Connolly at Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers at

713 621 2737-o, 713 824 9393-m or email

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